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Here we are again. Some will remember the original DHSB Spectator, and some will not. When such a publication becomes a faint memory even for those who started it, it is certain that that publication has been gone for far too long. Here, in its place, is the first edition of the new Devonport Spectator, and we are determined to improve upon its predecessor in every way. To do this, we need people; writers, designers, photographers – anyone who can bring his skills to making this magazine the best yet is welcome in B28 every Monday lunchtime!

Until then, enjoy the website. Perhaps most obvious of the reforms is the format change; what once joined the legions of other paperbacks stowed away in the school-bags of their readers has been reduced to a paltry collection of ones and zeros in the depths of their smartphones, computers and Google Glasses. The upshot of this is that the magazine is now accessible to all as a website. With this brand new format, we’ve made it easier than ever to share information. What’s more, you can now subscribe for email updates whenever a new article is posted.

So there you have it. Go ahead and read the latest content from DHSB’s most vocal commentators. Only on Spectator.

For questions, comments, or eloquently vented anger, feel free to post a comment or email the team at – drop us a line!


The editorial team

Joe Weeks

Billy Kingdon


  1. Louise Everett-Lindsay

    This is such a great read – I congratulate all editorial members and contributors. The new look is fabulous, and articles varied and interesting. Impressive stuff! One query/request – is it possible to subscribe to the site at all? I wasn’t aware that one of my students had written an article until he told me; it would be good if I could sign up somewhere for an emailed notification of updates.

    Keep up the excellent work,
    Ms E-L

    1. Billy Kingdon

      Thank you for your positive feedback – I will pass this on to the team. We are currently looking to the site subscription. In the mean time, we post news of all of our articles on our twitter feed: @Spectator_DHSB. Follow us to keep up to date with everything on the Spectator.

    2. Billy Kingdon

      Subscription to the website is now available! Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. James Clarke

    I was made aware of the resurrection of the Spectator today! I was its first editor way back when it was a printed paper, I am over the moon to see that it is thriving as an online news source.

    Good luck to all involved! I will be sure to pop by and have a chat to the new editor!

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