SkySaga Game Review

SkySAGA, many will say, is similar to the world phenomenon Minecraft, thus making some players want to play it and in contrast some not. However, this doesn’t set it apart from the amazing gaming world as the graphics and the effort put into this game is one of the best I’ve seen for a game which is only in alpha! Moreover, in this article I will be explaining all the goods and bads about this game and what really sets it apart from the other Blocky-World-Virtual-Reality-Game-Thing games.

First of all, the gameplay itself. It is just amazing how people could just take a similar concept and turn it into a mind-bogglingly amazing game which pretty much summarises the gameplay. It’s fun, it’s adventurous, it’s addictive and it is worth waiting for the things to get crafted. Obviously here and there, there will be some glitches or bugs mainly because it is in Alpha still but really, when this game really starts to kick off you will see worlds built by people becoming their own game just from the game itself. Its almost like a Minigame. Anyway, I am getting out of the point. The gameplay is impeccable, and although it could be tweaked here and there it is epic as long as you have patience to start the adventure and find the precious in-game loot. However, some “adventure-worlds” as they call it, are a bit small which makes certain adventures last a bit shorter than other ones. However, you are always privileged to go on a new adventure whenever you want. To me, it is one of best multi-genre games to be made in the gaming world.

Secondly, the community. The community of Skysaga is to me very well brought up. They are always helpful and if a question hasn’t been answered in 2 days, a developer will come in and help. To me, this game has one of the best communities as the community is always striving to help, ask and answer. However, the Hacksutating (falsely reporting other users for hacking) could be reduced.

In my opinion, this deserves a 4 – 4.4 because there are still fatal bugs which affects thousands of SkySAGA players everyday thus making the game a bit more un-satisfying to play, however this is explained by the game being in Alpha. The gameplay is epic, it is almost always making you curious about what is there and what you might be up against. It has a nice handful of features, some of them being exclusive to SkySAGA. There are updates out every week, community is very helpful and want to have the game being a released, fully “knitted” game. Overall, SkySAGA has got its rating to 4.

★ ★ ★ ★


By Sami Rahman



  1. Robert Derry

    A nice review. After I read this I had a look at SkySaga Myself and was amazed at how detailed your review was. Well done

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