Is Apple Taking Over The World?

This sounds like a ridiculous idea but if you think about it, it really isn’t that crazy after all. Recently there have been a number of scandals surrounding the global superpower that dominates our daily lives. One of these has been the fact that they recently released the figure that their revenue is at an awe-inspiring $170,000,000,000 which is an amazing amount yet the thing is they said it was ‘disappointing’ . For many of us this may seem like a joke but it isn’t they really are disappointed that they have $170,000,000,000 ($170Bn ), this just led to me to write this article.

Think about this, I am writing this on an Ipad and you could be viewing this on an Iphone or and Apple Mac. Now I am definitely not a conspiracy theorist and I do not believe that the American government faked the moon landings or that Bush caused 9.11, but this seems like Apple products are just not normal products; they are ‘different.’

One of Apple’s latest inventions is the Apple Watch. It costs around $350, not too different in price from an average mobile phone. However, on Apple’s iWatch it is harder to type, there is a smaller screen, there are less functions than on a mobile phone and, in my opinion, the product is far too expensive for what it is.

 For many it feels as if Apple is brainwashing the public into buying gadgets they already own.


By Oliver Streeter


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