Room 101 Writing Competition Winner – Posh Crisps

Crisps. A nice snack or something to have in your sandwiches. But now we are seeing a rise in what I like to call ‘posh crisps’.These are crisps that are very expensive and have names like ‘sea salt and cider vinegar’ just to describe the simple flavour of salt and vinegar, but all in all they just taste like your normal walkers or sometimes even worse…

So what is so different from these posh crisps to your everyday crisps? The branding. If you put the posh crisps in normal packaging then people definitely would not pay the price they are paying for these posh crisps, so it’s quite obvious that the branding must be quite good if people are paying these ridiculous prices for these crisps, and I say well done to those who brand this type of crisp as I certainly couldn’t brand them as well as they do! But they are brainwashing the consumer so that they think the posh crisps are better to what you normally buy but – they’re not!


By Tom Hyndman, 7E


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