Room 101 Writing Competition Runners Up – Mobile Phones and Walking Between Lessons

Though these two pieces didn’t quite win the competition, but we thought that they were too good to be wasted and as such deserved to be shared with the wider community. Enjoy!

Walking Between Lessons

There are many things that I really hate in school and on the bus.

One example of this is fumbling for your bus pass. It is a total waste of 3 seconds to reach into your pocket and take out your bus pass when it would be so much quicker just to have a face recognition machine. However there is one thing that tops all those dull and boring routines: walking between lessons!

On a recent test it has been shown that it can take as much as ten minutes to walk between lessons… That’s right – ten minutes!

Think of all that valuable learning time out of the window. Also think of all the students who have worked so hard to pass the 11+ just to be denied of some simple means of transport between the blocks. I propose a way to stop all that. Simply add a moving walkway at the small cost of $25,000. I am sure that the PTFA wouldn’t mind providing the school with the money for the minor expense. I certainly would!

Now if wouldn’t mind alerting me of the time of construction I would be more than happy to stay off school for a few days.

Yours wealthily,

Lord Robert Derry


By Robert Derry, 7W


Mobile Phones

If there was one thing really annoys me It’d have to be that particular thing. It’s so fiendishly annoying that I don’t know why it’s even a thing! Well, here goes… The most annoying thing in the history of the world is a mobile phone. ‘Really?’ A phone’ you may say. Yes, call me weird but that really is it!

Have you ever been in a lesson and your phone makes a sound all of a sudden and everyone’s staring at you as if you’d killed someone? It’s so unbelievably embarrassing and the teacher also hears and confiscates it. Many would moan and say ‘Unfair!!’ but I’ll just say good riddance!

I probably sound like an old man by saying this but it is quite true. I don’t bring a phone in at all and yet I deal with it. Others can’t.

Phones can also be used to show off, say someone goes up to you and flashes their new phone in your face and you get so angry that that person does that so you go to the Learning Commons to have a little break. Yep, pretty downright annoying!

I’ll bet you that somebody’s cat dragged in a shiny metal box with dots on and that person had an idea to call this bizarre thing that the cat dragged in a phone. That technically wouldn’t make the person the inventor, but the cat!

Well, that sums it up, phones should definitely be wiped of the face of the Earth!


By Yousif Bahr, 7S


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