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#Morewomen – Elle Magazine’s campaign comes to DHSB

After reading Elle magazine’s article on the #morewomen campaign I felt compelled to bring it to the attention of form group 10P.

The campaign follows on from HEFORSHE movement last year, where a number of celebrities endorsed the message delivered by Emma Watson at the UN. Advocating the need for men to fight for women’s rights as well women, her speech was refreshing and cognisant. #Morewomen builds on this success by highlighting the lack of women in senior roles and positions. As a school we were already looking at Global goals so as a class we seized the opportunity to examine the role of the female, globally.

During form time the boys learned about the lack of recognition received by girls, in comparison to their male counterparts. For some members of the class, this came as a shock. “I never thought about it like that”.2

As a starter activity, 10P noted things they would attribute to men and women. The results were fascinating, resulting in boys questioning their own beliefs. “It was interesting to see how are opinions ultimately looked very sexist without meaning to”.

Looking at the statistics of male to female ratios in Britain, it became apparent that the majority of the class assumed women had jobs that were seen as ‘female’ without considering the spread of gender in employment. 88% of people working in high paid roles are men, leaving only 12% occupied by females. In the UK the gender pay gap stands at 17.5%, with women on average earning £5000 less a year than their male colleagues.[1] These statistics generated a lively discussion about the glass ceiling and why equal pay is important for future generations.

As the lesson progressed we looked at the darker side of the equality argument and the abhorrent accepted practices towards women in other societies. Listening to accounts of forced female submission and abuse, forced a recalibration amongst some members of the form. “I thought it was a laugh, just girls trying to be like Beyonce until I heard some of the things women experience” Exploring the feudality of gender provision across the world enlightened the boys to the plight of females the larger humanitarian issue.

Being an all boys’ school it can be easy to forget the lack of parity available to women and girls. 10P learned about why it is so important to treat people as individuals, without bias or prejudice. And why the best societies are those that are all inclusive, not exclusive.

[1] Statistcs taken from http://www.elleuk.com/now-trending/join-the-elle-morewomen-feminism-campaign


By Mrs Machray and 10P

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