The flag of the Nazi party.

If Germany Had Won The Second World War

The Christmas period was an opportunity for me to surf the realms of Amazon Prime for something to watch. Quite by accident, I came across The TV series “The man in the high castle”. It is a TV series based on the book by Philip K. Dick. The book is about the world in which Nazi Germany and the axis power took over the whole world. This Book inspired me to write on what I thought the world would be like in a similar situation.

Germany would have taken over the western Europeans first, The French and the British would have been spared but subjected into a lethal retaliations. At first, there would be resistances but The Nazis would have massacred people in order for people to stop rebelling.

In the Soviet Union, the war drags into a stalemate. Assuming all of the Germans Plans succeed the Russian Government would be pushed all the way back to Siberia. However, The bulk of the population would be under the German Rule. Nazism cannot be registered on the political spectrum as it is an entirely new creature. The main idea was to get rid of the ideas of the French Revolution, The Enlightenment and Christianity. The New Order was solely designed for the conquering and spread of the Arian Race.

The Racial Hierarchy of this new world would be as followed: There was the Arian Race – supposedly people of pure Germanic decent; then there would be the western Europeans such as Britain and France; the Chinese and Japanese were also at this level. Hitler called them “Honorary Arians.” Then there were the southern Europeans as they were apparently more lazy than the Northerners. Finally skipping past the levels there were the Untermensch. These included the Slavs and people that the Germans judged too dangerous to live.

If the Germans were successfully able to implement their plans, Russia, Poland and the other Slavic peoples would cease to exist as a mass genocide would occur, bigger than that of the Holocaust. Hitler used the same tactics to wipe out he Slavs as the Americans did to the North American Indians. The Remaining Slavic people would be used as a mass Labour force feeding the German war machine and to farm the land.

Germany itself has quadrupled in size spanning from France to central Russia. German schools would teach messages of racism and inferiority of the slave to young Germans. Slavs would be banned from reproduction.

This is the first in a series of ‘What If?’ articles. Look out for the next one!

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