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Star Wars Battlefront Review


Star Wars Battlefront Review
As a fan of the original Battlefront games on the Playstation 2 I was extremely excited for the release of this game, the idea of playing on all the familiar planets from the beloved Star Wars franchise was something to look forward to after years of repetitive shooters such as Call of Duty. The game pays such good homage to the franchise that a true fan of the series will be in awe over the amazing aesthetics and sound designs of the game on either PC or next-gen consoles. With little easter eggs spread throughout the game makes it enjoyable to really explore the maps and get caught in moments of epic battles that rage on around you.

However that is where all of the positive points about the game end, as the gameplay at first is fun quickly grows tiring as there is very little variation in the gameplay and has little to no depth, suggesting that developer DICE aimed to produce this for a wider audience than just hardline gamers. While I respect this and understand that Star Wars is a universally loved series it would only make sense to give this amazing fan service to as many as possible the game quickly runs out of tricks to stun the player and you will find yourself easily out-gunned by less skilled players. That brings me onto my next point, weapon balance, while it is fun to use some the weaponry you’ll recognise from the films there are obviously weapons and equipment that stand miles above the rest and result in no variation in gameplay, as one combination can be used in almost every gamemode.

Now the game modes that come with the base game are pretty standard with shooters these days, but the game really shines with its debut game mode “Walker Assault”. This serves up everything within the game and does it in epic proportions, with rebels scrambling to defend against an ominous assault from the Empire. It is frantic, chaotic and loads of fun to play. With more maps this would be an amazing game but the disappointing lack of content in the game is embarrassing. With only four planets on the base game, eleven weapons (considering that DICE’s last major project Battlefront 4 had over one hundred) and lackluster game modes the game cannot compete with other triple A games such as; the Call of Duty, Battlefield, Wolfenstein and Halo 5 franchises.

The lack of content is further slapped across our face as the game does not have a singleplayer or clone war mode that was famed in the previous games and offline modes that seem to have been crudely placed on so as to satisfy the basic demands of long awaited fans. Also EA has decided to beat us while we are demand and demand that gamers fork out an extra £45 for future DLC that we don’t even know will be any good and only provide us with the amount of maps and equipment we would expect in the initial release version of the game. Finally you do get to play as your favourite heroes and villains from the original Star Wars trilogy, and while they are extremely fun to play only act to ruin game modes and provide us with poor voice acting that ruin some of the so well crafted immersion.

So overall while this is a game that has been crafted with love and care and has fans rolling over in nostalgia with amazing attention to detail and stunning visuals, the facts cannot be ignored that the game is simply poor, with little depth or gameplay quality to hold a gamer’s attention for more than a few hours. With an early release that was forced by publisher EA in an attempt to rake in more money to coincide with the new Star Wars Force Awakens release date as well as Christmas. The fact producers have the gall to serve this to us and expect us to be thankful for their extortionate services when in the past developers have done a lot more with a lot less. I would say wait until this game comes down to £20 in the New Year sales, as consumers we should not encourage this behaviour.

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