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Mourinho: A Look Back at the Chelsea Years

Well, the day finally came. Roman Abramovich has this week sacked Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho for failing to do his job. A new manager is in, the club is still in peril, but Mourinho is on an aeroplane, or a desert island somewhere, with £40 million pounds in his bank account. But why was he sacked? And why do the fans want him back? After all, he isn’t the Special One anymore. Or so we think…..

Mourinho returned to Chelsea in 2013, after spells at clubs like Inter Milan and the infamous Real Madrid. He had been away from the club for 6 years, and it looked like winning the title wasn’t going to be as easy as before, in 2004. There was strong opposition to the London club, including both the Manchester clubs, Arsenal and Liverpool. This meant that Mourinho had to bring in lots of new players and work hard. His determination was however not rewarded, as Chelsea fell at the last hurdle, handing the 2013/14 Premier League title to Manchester City. Of course, it was only Mourinho’s first season back at the club in half a decade, so he still had lots to do.

The next season, he struck a winning ball. The Lions dominated the season, tearing apart rivals and even beating the likes of Man City and Arsenal by 3 goals (much to the disappointment of Arsene Wenger, who enjoyed a bit of banter with his old rival at his return to the Emirates). The players were happy, the manager was happy, and the owner was even happy for once (I know it’s hard Roman). That was May 3rd.

On 7 August 2015, Mourinho signed a new four-year contract with Chelsea, keeping him at Stamford Bridge until 2019. Chelsea started the season by picking up just 11 points in their first 12 games in the Premier League. They also went out of the League Cup to Stoke City on penalties on 27 October. On 17 December 2015, after losing nine out of sixteen league games, Chelsea announced that they had parted company with Mourinho “by mutual consent”. They went on to say: “The club wishes to make clear Jose leaves us on good terms and will always remain a much-loved, respected and significant figure at Chelsea.

This is when the news started to go mental over Mourinho. Fans were angry over the departure of their much loved ‘Special One,’ accusing Roman Abramovich of not caring about them or their feelings. The Blues fans chanted “Jose, Jose!” for most of the match against Sunderland. Despite the fact the team won 3-1, people were still unhappy, and even cheered on the opposition. Meanwhile, in the stands was a concerned Abramovich, sitting next to legend Didier Drogba and new manager Guus Hiddink. By the end of the match, all three were out in broad smiles and laughing. Maybe things would change at the Bridge..

In the past few days, the press have churned quite a few stories about Mourinho, the most prominent being rumours of him taking over the Red Devils in Manchester. There is certainly no doubt to the fact that current manager Louis Van Gaal will be sacked if he doesn’t do something fast. But will Mourinho really defect to one of Chelsea’s greatest rivals, and plunge a dagger into the heart of his once loved supporters? Nobody knows, apart from the man himself…

By James Walker




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