Wifi Addiction and Withdrawal Symptoms

Imagine WiFi as a physical net that covers the planet. This net contains so much information about life that you practically live in it. However in the case of this web breaking, and there are people, organisations or even, hold your breath, whole nations disconnected, can you empathize their severe loss of entertainment, social communication and research abilities everyone.

Without WiFi you will no longer be able to update friends on your status or see others. You will not be able to make up consistency in your social interactions so your friendships online will be harder to forge. Another loss is the loss of vital appreciation, and especially for teenagers who might be more prone to feeling unappreciated by peers, they now cannot prove otherwise without the climbing-up-the-social-ladder-tools such as Facebook, Twitter and all the other organizations that flocked to fill this niche where they can serve purpose.

Most young people have played online games, and most play regularly; daily in many cases. They find diversion here – an escape. This pushes your limits so you feel you can do anything. The markets have indulged society with a great number of impressive games. These sustain a person’s esteem with new challenges and achievements. I’m not saying losing the ability to play games is bad, however it would be a fast and shearing effect if WiFi was suddenly down to these people’s connection to their other lives in-game.

Like a romance, you form attachments to the characters in games, or other entertainments. These attachments can be made to all types of character, even those who may not attract attention, or entire scenes. With sudden loss of being able to ever see them for the time disconnected, maybe weeks, you’d feel at a loss; a personal loss. Similar to that feeling of a parent seeing their child leave to University.

Opportunities will be restricted by the belt of local convenience. I can’t order stuff online without WiFi. I can’t email people about jobs, schoolwork or possible opportunities like work experience. This is a serious hindrance. I can’t extend my limits to any further than Plymouth, because that’s as far as I can practically commit to without instant connect to people worldwide.

Opportunities such as new knowledge and education are at risk of being disconnected. DHSB insists we use so many online resources to keep learning on track: Kerboodle, Google sites, Homeworky, Gmail, Youtube, the VLE, Google Charts, Google drive, just to mention a few. For heaven’s sake we’re storing coursework material and classwork online in Google drive & sites. At the loss of WiFi, that entire section of education is gone, out of reach. That work and knowledge is gone. ‘I just want a hard copy’ I said to myself when told that some subject books can only be reached through Kerboodle for home use; this is just useless!

People’s careers wouldn’t even be possible without the use of the connecting capabilities brought around by WiFi. It is of course good that Wifi allows distant contact and career opportunities for the rural population, yet it proves the point that WiFi can control lives. Google’s WiFi Balloons, looking like clouds ironically, are an initiative thought from Google so that we can find WiFi from the skies. But what if the balloons popped because some birds flew into it? It sounds silly, but it could happen. My scenario becomes reality and lots of people become very sad. I want to reduce mine and others dependency on WiFi but it’s far easier to do so when almost everything set by school, used by school, encouraged and enforced by school isn’t all online!

So when you use your WiFi-demanding life-tools, appreciate that it’s also good to be able to live and work offline. For the previous week I’ve had no WiFi. I can tell you from first-hand experience that it is a serious hindrance to life as I’ve not been prepared to live without it. WiFi-intergrated activities were what I was used to, and I struggled to cope without it.


By Michael Collingwood


  1. Ms Davidson

    A most interesting article. Thank you for raising this as a discussion area Michael. Perhaps a future QT topic? Should there be wifi ‘timeout’ days in the national year?

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