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Takeover Day 2015

Today saw the children’s commissioner’s Takeover Day arrive at DHSB. A number of students undertook a variety of different roles within the DHSB community. The students went all out to make the day a success, including one student marching up and down Mutley Plain one day prior to the event looking for a specific tweed blazer with brown leather elbow patches!

Sam Lenthal took on the task of becoming Head teacher for the day. Sam said “It was an early start and everything is going well so far. I am completing jobs well and attending meetings which is very interesting. Being the head teacher is not a boring job, as I am having an action packed day. I enjoyed listening to the year 7 to 1Carol Service rehearsal and also checking on lessons from the Head teacher’s point of view. This has been a tremendous opportunity”.

Sam’s jobs included having lunch with students. He chose to invite the students who participated in the recent remembrance assembly – very fitting in the wake of the recent tragic events in Paris and across the world.

George Irving replaced Ms Edwards, becoming the Assistant Head teacher for the day. George told us: “It’s exciting to see wto 2hat role Ms Edwards does on a day-to-day basis and I am enjoying meeting lots of students and staff and seeing different aspects of school other than a student’s point of view. It has been a very tiring day and I feel that a lot of responsibility comes with the job.” George’s jobs included listening to the year 7 Carol Concert and meeting with the senior members of staff.

Alan Joshy replaced Mr Head in the Art Room today, giving insightful words to his students. Year 7 students said that he was “a great teacher” and “seemed to know his stuff”. When asked about his experiences of the day, Alan said, “I don’t know what I’m doing, but I’m trying, okay?” – what a hero.

It’s safe to say, today has cemented Alan’s career in teaching. Way to go Alan!

Henry Spencer chose to take the role of English teacher Miss Middleton for the day.

Mr Spencer quotes: “This job is fantastic! The students are lovely and are remarkably well beto4haved. One of my favourite and more frequent phrases I used today was ‘write with your pen, not with your mouth’! It’s not been perfect, but I think I’m doing better than Alan. This has been a valuable experience. Miss Middleton, look out for your job!”

“Henry, or ‘Mr Spencer’ has been amazing today. He injects enthusiasm into the class and helps the students however he can.” Miss Middleton

Tom Showell and Harry Groves took over the school’s career adviser, Mrs Wall. The pair started the day by giving presentations on their desired future careers to year 8 students. Mrs Wall said “I have been taken over for the past few years and Harry and Tom are the best I’ve had so far. Their presentations were both very good”. Harry and Tom then gave careers interviews to year 9 students. Both boys received very positive comments from their interviewees. One of the interviewees said “Harry was a real help”.


“Logan Davies has been an amazing help today. He was well prepared, efficient and uses his initiative well. I feel that I can tell Logan to do a task and he’ll accomplish it to the highest standard possible. He communicates confidently and clearly and is professional to the end!” Miss Lilley


“I enjoy having the feeling of having a role and responsibility within the school. I get a different perspective of the school which is interesting.  So far, the best part is Question Time because it’s interesting listening to people’s arguments and opinions. When I’m older I want to be a teacher so this has helped me and inspired me even more to become a teacher”


 Henry Kingdon – French teacherto9

Henry Kingdon “Took over” from Ms Heighway. He was able to confidently question the Y7’s in French.

 Alfie Carlisle – German teacher

Alfie said “It has been fun. The students are behaving well, and being a teacher has been rather easy in my opinion. I have always considered being a teacher and this opportunity has inspired me even more. I was nervous but now I am confident.

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