Lewis Hamilton- Britain’s Greatest F1 Driver?

This weekend was one of the greatest in Lewis Hamilton’s life, as he won his 3rd F1 world title in style at the US Grand Prix in Austin, Texas. The Brit now becomes the joint 5th most successful driver ever, one of five others to win three titles. In addition, Hamilton becomes the joint most successful from the UK, along with Jackie Stewart. Stewart himself said; “Hamilton could become the greatest, he is a real talent and great to watch.” Hamilton also equals greats such as Brazil’s Ayrton Senna and Austria’s Niki Lauda. When interviewed on this, Hamilton said ‘I’m humbled to equal these guys, they were such great drivers and a real inspiration to me’.

F1 2015 has been a story of dominance for Hamilton. He has won 10 of the 16 races he has started, and was on pole position 11 out of 12 times in the opening races, which he converted into 7 wins. The only minor threat to Hamilton this year has once again been Nico Rosberg, but it was not such a tightly fought battle this year, as Rosberg has only won three races, along with Hamilton’s next target, Sebastian Vettel, who has won 4 world titles. Some say Hamilton was helped by his car, but then the car wouldn’t be anything without Hamilton, who has produced some amazing moments over the last few months to take the title.

Hamilton had always been called a great driver, but his last two seasons have solidified his position in British Sporting History, and he will surely be a candidate for Sports Personality of the Year in November. Another thing which makes him popular is his personality, and this year he was as witty and boisterous as ever. Some say Formula 1 needs these kind of people, Alonso and Webber, to name two others who have made this sport, one of the most popular worldwide. Rivalries nowadays are the centre of the story, and in Rosberg and Hamilton we have found a modern day Prost and Senna. Rosberg the quiet and calm winner, Hamilton the emphatic, characterful champion.

That brings me onto the future. Will Hamilton and Mercedes dominate for more years, or will Ferrari and Vettel return to take the title? Will Lewis ever catch Schumacher, or will Rosberg take the fight to Hamilton? Rivalries reborn and more great moments are promised next year, but for now let’s enjoy the rest of this season, as Hamilton enjoys his last few races as World Champion. Yep, you heard, World Champion. Well done Lewis…


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