Jeremy Corbyn – a new direction for the Labour Party

The labour elections which have resulted in Jeremy Corbyn becoming the next figurehead have been a hot topic in the past couple of weeks. There has been great debate as to whether he is what Labour needs to take them on the journey to success or on the road to failure.

Many consider Corbyn to be a disastrous happening in the Labour party and some have even gone to the lengths of saying he is a “national security threat;” but this is simply not the case. Even though his policy on nuclear warfare is controversial to many as he suggests that we get rid of all our nuclear weapons and stop funding for the Trident programme, we actually spend billions on these weapons per year without ever using them. It is also against his morality and political mindset so the fact that he is standing by this policy is highly commendable as it shows he has an iron will and will uphold the choices he makes. Whilst still in school, Corbyn joined Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) so this shows that he is committed to his views and not just a populus pleaser. Britain needs a strong leader and Corbyn has the potential to be this person.

These weapons can create mass destruction and Corbyn is not alone in his thinking of abolishing them – many other countries do not have nuclear weapons such as Australia, Africa, Antarctica and South America. Interestingly, they don’t seem to have been rendered defenseless due to lack of nuclear weapons. However, Britain seems to want to have a nuclear deterrent to protect ourselves and make a stand in the big scary world of weaponry and war. This seems counter productive if we want to move forward with peace as an international society; we are simply bluffing and creating an atmosphere of distrust.

Obviously, Corbyn has policies other than that just on nuclear warfare. These include the abolishment of tuition fees, a crackdown on tax evasion and printing money. The abolition of the tuition fees seems somewhat idealistic but in theory it could work. It’s the same with tax evasion and printing money- they don’t always have to live up to the negative connotations they have been associated with. They can work with the right guidance and understanding from the society. So is Corbyn not the right person for the job?

An article recently published on the Spectator website calls the Labour electorate “stupid enough” to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, suggesting the apparent ignorance of letting Corbyn into power. Yet this argument hasn’t taken into consideration of what Corbyn actually brings to the Labour party. Yes he may have some different views on how to run Britain but does this necessarily have to be a bad thing? If anything, his strong views and character is what is needed to re-vitalise the Labour party. Also, Corbyn previously voted against the Iraq war when Labour took the vote, so this shows that he is willing to stand by his view even if it means that the majority say otherwise – he is a leader of the crowd, not the follower. He also helped organise the February anti-Iraq war protest which was claimed to be the largest such protest in British political history. So these previous successes all link in to prove that Corbyns strong will and dedication is triumphant, giving him the security and strength to be a good leader.

All in all, I believe that Jeremy Corbyn is the best person to drive Labour to success in the future. He stands by his opinions, his decisions, and is generally a great leader of our people.


By Megan Robins


Want to see the other side of the debate? See http://devonportspectator.co.uk/2015/09/jeremy-corbyn-leading-labour-to-failure-since-saturday/


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