Five Films You Really Ought to See

While Hollywood blockbusters catch the attention of audiences nowadays, there are still those rare glimpses into the media abyss that shine bright. Here are five films which may have sneaked under the radar….

  1. Children of Men (2006)- While few have seen Alfonso Cuaróns cinematographic masterpiece, this films offers tension that many modern horrors films lack and wChildren_of_men_ver4hile this does not offer any scares, it certainly compensates with it’s encapsulating narrative and great character development. This is brought to life through Clive Owens character who attempts to survive the horrifically believable dystopian United Kingdom with the last pregnant woman on the planet. Offering an interesting spin on human nature and scenes that grabs the audiences attention, this thriller-chase film is more than worthy of it’s three Oscar nominations.
  2. Red Cliff (2008)- For any fans of classic martial arts films, John
    Woo presents a tactile war drama that certainly doesn’t lack “the war” that more and more films seem to forget – looking at you Jarhead! While this lacks an engaging narrative the film will certainly appeal to the testosterone fuelled junkie inside action fans, with cleverly developed battles that display Sun Tzu’s book “The Art of War” with dramatic fashion. With apparent Kung fu masters doing five second long jumps are reminiscent of original Chinese cinema we get an inside to a relatively unexplored period in the worlds history of China.
  3. Locke (2013)- Tom Hardy performs to his now renowned standard, especially after his role in CLocke_posterhristopher Nolans, The Dark Knight Rises in the previous year, and delivers tension that you couldn’t think could be achieved with a single man in rush hour traffic. Director Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders) uses a series of phone calls to build tension that allows the audience to piece together the misdoings of the protagonist. With tension and character development to rival that of a Stephen King novel this films fails to disappoint the adept fan of drama and will have the audience on the edges of their seats.
  4. Snatch (2000)- Possibly Guy Richie’s (director of “The Man from Uncle”) pinnacle of comedy
    and story, focusing on a couple of cockney “geezers” who just try to make a bit of cash but the stumble into the wrong business. With perfectly executed parts from Brad Pitt as the gypsy Irish, bare-knuckle fist fighting champion, and Jason Statham who attempts to manage damage control when a deal goes sour. With great chemistry between characters and cockney comedy to match there is no disappointment from the now critically acclaimed director.
  5. The Big Lebowski (1998)- You know a film is good when it spurs a cult following/religion called Dudeism! One of The Coen Brothers (No Country for Old Men) earliest projects focuses on Jeff Bridges, aka “The Dude” who’s antiques at the bowling alley and with his best bud Walter. With a laid back look at a comedic American community this film fails to disappoint with quick witted and original remarks that will please any movie buff. A pioneering cult film that contains hilarious characters in oddball situations interjected with moments that’ll make your jaw drop.


By Jack Locock

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