DHSB Sports Day 2015

1000 pupils. 100 teachers. 30 events. 30 winners. 1 champion. This was Sports Day 2015….
After much delay and a lot of bad weather, Sports Day went ahead just a few weeks ago, 2 months later than its initial scheduling in July last school year. This meant that everybody would be competing as the year below them, e.g U13s competed as U12s etc. But it was still a great day, and numbers of competitors had risen compared to last year. And as ever, it was an often funny and enjoyable day for everyone at Brickfields. The event lasted for over 5 hours, from 10am till 3:30pm!
The races started at around 10am, with competitors taking part in the 200 and 400 metre races. But at around 11am, the rain started to drizzle, and faces began to become a little worried, especially that of Mr Orkney’s. However, the weather was kind and the rain eased off, leaving us with a glorious day to enjoy. The events came thick and fast, with 1500m, 100m and 800m all flying by in quick succession. There was also the field events: long jump, high jump and triple jump. There was an historic moment in the high jump as Newton’s Ayrton Sneyd broke the school record jump by 1 cm!                                                                                                                                                                                                        Then, most of us sat down for lunch. However, it was time for some athletes to come out onto the track for the remaining events of the day, which flew by very quickly, including a record being broken in the U12 100m by Smeaton’s James Cunningham, who ran almost 1 second faster than the previous record. However, the comedy side of the whole event was left to the last event, the teachers versus students 4x100m relay. The winning team was made up of Mr Carpenter, Mr Bunney, Mr Manley and Mr Norris. However, it was not such a good race for the other staff team, made up of Mr Strang, Mrs Lilley, Mr Knab and Mr Orkney, as they were disqualified. Something to do with starting before everyone else! This was the last event that day, but other events took place the next day: the discus, shotput and javelin, which were fiercely competed. All of the events were great fun and I’m sure everyone had a bit of a laugh at some point during the two days!                                                                                                                                          But now onto the results. The winners of each of the races/ events collected their medals in assembly, with 2nd and 3rd placed students being awarded certificates. The winners of each of the years were: Year 8- Smeaton, Year 9- Newton, Year 10- Edison and Year 11- Smeaton. Also, the winners of the Year 7 competition were Priestley, but their scores did not go towards the overall result. So now, the overall winners. For DHSB Sports Day 2015 it was…. Smeaton, with over 900 points! Many thanks to all the staff and teachers that made this possible, especially to the PE department once again for making this event go ahead! Also many thanks to the cameramen, who took some great shots of the event to share with everyone! Now, for Sports Day 2016…



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