Jeremy Corbyn – Leading Labour to Failure Since Saturday

Labour has finally voted, and for anyone with a brain it’s bad news…

Jeremy Corbyn has become a household name over the last few months, and now he is to lead the opposition party to its already decided downfall. Whether you have heard of him because of his completely unrealistic promises to abolish tuition fees with money raised from cracking down on tax evasion, or seen one of the many videos of him speaking of his “friends in Hamas,” I am sure you have enough sanity to see that Labour has just committed political suicide.

As a socialist, I disagree with the Conservative policy of austerity, yet I am sure that most will agree that infinite austerity has to be a better alternative than a country lead by Corbyn. Let us not forget that this is a man who wishes to see representatives of jihadist terrorist groups in the British House of Commons. And yet those who voted in the leadership election seem to have let this slip their mind…

But given that there is a possibly that the electorate is stupid enough to vote for Corbyn, I probably ought to look at what he proposes for the country.

His first policy will almost certainly be a hit with the younger voters; abolishing the student fees initially introduced by his predecessors. While I very much agree with this policy, one must point out that the money has to come from somewhere, and in all likelihood that will come from tax levied on our generation as we begin to work. So it would seem that we will end up no better off as a result of this.

Corbyn also believes in the nationalization of the railway network. Why, I hear you ask, is this a bad idea? Look to history, my dear reader… Besides this, what Corbyn may not realize is that nationalized industries are illegal within the European Union; oh dear.

Perhaps the most detrimental policy as far as the economy is concerned is the idea of quantitative easing. This is where the government orders the Bank of England to print money that it doesn’t have. In the short term this means that there is more money to go around, but in the longer term the currency is devalued; something that will be detrimental to our economy and businesses.

But if all of this isn’t enough to put you off voting for the loony left, Corbyn has another trick to endanger the country. While many of us will not agree with the idea of throwing nuclear bombs around, most people are acutely aware that if we disarm we in fact make ourselves more vulnerable; especially in these times of international turmoil. However this is exactly what Corbyn proposes.

So there you have it; Labour is down the pan, meaning that we will be stuck with a Tory government for many years to come. Well done Corbyn…


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  1. Tom Cahill

    Printing money isn’t necessarily a bad thing for a number of reasons:

    A) Devaluing our currency means UK exports become cheaper to buy for overseas countries. In turn, this increase in trade could see an increase in UK employment.
    B) Inflationary monetary policy (e.g: ‘printing money’) can be used to offset deflationary spirals. As I’m sure you’re aware, deflation is something we ideally want to avoid. This can kick-start consumption in an economy as people will want to spend their money sooner.

    Although I agree with a lot of the points you are raising, I do question your overall tone which seems slightly patronising and ad hominem at best! There is a better way to win the argument against Corbyn – just use the facts!

  2. Arthur Goslin

    Hello Billy,
    This new article on ‘Jeremy Corbyn leading Labour to failure’ may cause some offense to people who have got 50 hours+ of campaigning for him behind them. Your comment on his nationalization of the railways I find interesting. You claim that Nationalization of industries is illegal in the EU, let me redirect you to the Greek government, their nationalization the Greek airlines (olympic airlines), so far, none of the EU countries have been attacking them (for this anyway). Can you try and back up your arguments before to attack someone’s policies. Source Wikipedia
    Email me with you ‘improved’ argument.

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