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DHSB CEW Writing Competition – Year 8 Winner

DHSB Curriculum Enrichment Week 2015


Curriculum enrichment week; it’s like Curriculum challenge week but fun. It’s an experience to say the least, without lessons and school, nor being grilled for not doing homework. It was a welcome relief from the previous exam week that we slogged through. But I digress; let’s get to the real juicy meat of the adventure.


For the purpose of this report, I will be recording the events of Tuesday 23rd. Laser tag was on the days agenda, all the way up in Tavistock, in the woods, where they had converted a massive area of land into multiple arenas for both paintball and laser tag. It was a 45 minute bus drive, which was boring for most of the way, and contained driving, driving and more driving. Once there, we trekked along a path for about a mile until we arrived at the venue of Tavistock Wargaming Company. We were given a type of custom overall and a hat, which we were instructed to where at all times. Then came safety instructions, which were… boring, to say the least, but still helped us in using the guns that had been laid out before us. From there, we picked our gun and strapped the headphone-like sensors onto the Velcro straps on the front and back of our hats. Then we ventured out and began our games of death, terror, smoke grenades and town massacre. In a nutshell, it was tense, very tense. It was hot, as the weather had begun approaching the summer climate. Along with this, we had to wear the aforementioned overalls for the whole day.


We played a variety of game modes, including capture the flag, team death match, shoot the box and capture Tac-HQ. We lugged the guns around all day, which comes to my next point. The guns we had were: The SMG – a slightly lighter, more versatile handgun for easily traversing the land. The assault rifle – a heavier, less versatile and all around worse gun with an adjustable stock. A precision rifle – an assault rifle with an ACOG scope. The sniper rifle – a one shot kill gun with ACOG scope. And finally the machine gun – a massive, 100 bullet rifle with spring bipod and rapid fire. Together with these weapons and the wit of the team, the red and blues battled it out in all-out war to be the final victor.


All in all, the day was fun, action packed and veritably exhausting, both physically and mentally. But, after all our efforts, the score turned out a draw (but would have been a victory to the blues if one of our team didn’t push one of the opposition over…)

James Potham

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