DHSB CEW Writing Competition – Year 7 Winner

Bushcraft – The Last Night

We were all gathered under the yurt, drinking hot chocolate and eating marshmallows by the ominous red glow of the campfire. We had got used to the ash and the smoke by now, we had sat around it for 4 days and our clothes were reeking of smouldering wood. Stuart, our camp leader, got us to be quiet; he had something to say. He asked us if we wanted to stay up and play night games in the forest while it was pitch black, of course I was immediately on board with the idea, along with most of my friends; I really wasn’t in the mood for rest, I wanted to have some fun!

The non-doers went to sleep while we headed off to an expanse of forest not too far from camp. The tribe leaders were bringing lanterns and Stuart had his head torch. We were called to a halt by Stuart who told us to sit down as he explained the rules of the game. The objective of the game was to sneak through the forest and reach the lantern at the end of the path, but it wasn’t that simple, all of the tribe leaders had torches and were searching for us, if we were caught in the beam of their torch, we had to go back to the start. Everybody had put their jumpers on, zipped up their hoodies, or put their hoods up; we were doing anything that would help us hide in the shadows.

Stuart was about to call the start and I was ready. I had teamed up with Aidan and we were quite near to the front. As soon as Stuart said, everyone had started, there was running and pushing to get to some decent cover. Aidan and I moved together from tree to tree, narrowly escaping the light of torches. We had reached the end, the lantern was in sight, and we watched some unfortunate people try to make a dash for the lantern to find a tribe leader hidden in the bushes next to the lanterns. He then came out of hiding and saw Me, Aidan and everyone else watching from the side of the path. The rest of the round was fruitless attempts to sneak past the torches.

The second game was about to start and I teamed up with a Seb, a friend from Edison. The game started and again, everyone was running and pushing to get into the bushes and start to advance, though there were some who tried to take the path to find Stuart waiting. Me and Seb snuck along the side of the path at a fast pace, all of a sudden, I managed to make out Seb through the darkness, doing a front flip and landing on his bum: he had tripped over Ed from Priestley, who was commando crawling across the path! They said silent apologies and we went on only for Seb to trip on a rock and penguin slide on his belly, that’s when Stuart came up the path and found us both.

The games were all over and I never managed to reach the lantern, but I really enjoyed that night. I walked over to my shelter with Fred to get to sleep; we shared our experiences from the game as we got into our sleeping bags and drifted off to sleep.


Max Robins


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