Pitch Perfect 2 Review

Upon hearing there was a sequel to the film about acapella singing I was excited but also apprehensive. Sequels can either be really good or just plain awful. There seems to be no in between. Shrek, die hard and dirty dancing to name a few (I mean did you even know there was a sequel to dirty dancing?)

The film opens with a performance that could be a killer performance but it couldn’t be that good at the START of the movie and we also wonder where Fat Amy is? However, you soon find out she comes in like a wrecking ball. Figuratively and literally speaking. Just to top it off the cringe worthy scene is in front of the president, Obama. Aca-awkward. At this point we are introduced to a new acapella group called Das Sound Machine who’s German accents add a little something extra to the covers they sing. Chloe needs to get her reputation back after being destroyed so decides the world championships would be a good idea meanwhile Becca starts a secret job which she is unsurprisingly good at following her mixes in the first film. Pitch perfect do try and discuss teenage issues like growing up and getting a job albeit they make it look very easy.

What pitch perfect would be complete without a riff off? This riff off saw some classics from the likes of Flo Rida – and the catchiest part isn’t even sung by him! Destiny’s Child, Carrie Underwood, Tina Turner and of course Taylor Swift. Somehow Becca scores a duo with Snoop Dogg singing winter wonderland. Not quite the right time of year but hey it works. The characters have their usual persona. Even Audrey makes an appearance and she is just as controlling. Fortunately Fat Amy still provided the comedic value that we all knew and loved from Pitch Perfect 1.

While the film is a little a cliché I mean no spoilers but they entered the world championships. Come on what do you think happened? It was still a really enjoyable film and ended on a high note with a rocky journey along the way.

So the question on everyone’s mind. Was it better than the first?

I found this GIF summed it up:

By Ollie Rooke


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