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Mr Roberts – An Introduction

After a lengthy process, Mr Roberts has been awarded the post of headteacher from September. To find out more about the man who is set to become the face of DHSB we organised an exclusive interview.

Mr Roberts told us that he is keen to keep the core tradition of the school the same because this is one of the things that makes us unique. This is surely a very good thing for the future of DHSB. However he doesn’t plan to keep the school exactly as it is. In his own words: ‘Things will need to be re-addressed.’ He could not go into more detail over this but he said that it was likely to be smaller tweaks, rather than big changes.

It would appear from what he said that the school would continue to develop in the way that it has already been moving. The school is already doing very well and obviously he wants to continue this trend by ‘developing pathways’. Technology is an area which he has previously won awards in, and he was keen to stress how important it was to integrate technology into the learning environment and how he planned to invest more time and energy into positive use of it.

The biggest challenge for many people when starting a new job is settling in, but that shouldn’t be a problem for Mr Roberts. He instead feels that his greatest challenge lies in keeping up with the world of education. In a time of great turmoil and change in the world of education, keeping up with what is happening is a massive task. However it is also fundamental to the lives of students, parents and teachers.

Mr Roberts-the to-be headteacher.

Mr Roberts

Another opportunity he felt was very important was student leadership. The ability for us to: ‘extend our opportunities’ is fundamental, in his opinion.

But where did all of these ideas come from? We asked about where his aspirations came from and why. ‘As soon as I came into teaching I wanted to be a head,’ he told us. Education, in his mind, is a way of empowering people to have the best opportunities, and in his mind being a head is the best way to contribute to that process. As a child he viewed school as a safe haven, one of the main reasons he wanted to be part of education for the next generation.

Having been a head before he is no stranger to the position; something which no doubt reassured the interviewing panel. When asked he said that he feels he will have a greater impact as head than he has done so far as deputy, and we look forward to seeing this.

So there you have it – a brief introduction to a man we will all get to know far better as time goes on. Well done on getting the post and good luck for September.

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